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Connect with camp staff and other campers during this week's age-group Zoom Calls!  You can access the links under the Week 5 section and the appropriate age-group and day materials.  We can't wait to see you!

Week 1: June 7th-12th

If you're "Longing to Be Invited" - we've got a place for you! Make a Prayer Stone, "Stained Glass" Cross, and do Shaving Cream Marbling. Dish up some Banana Pudding, Instant Slushees, and Tacos in a Bag. Sing silly songs and fun meal graces. Explore nature and hike camp's trails.

Week 2: June 14th-19th

We're "Longing Together" as we experience the story of Esther this week and the importance of Christian community! Learn how to build a fire and make a backyard water sprinkler. Cook Corn Chip Chicken and Banana Boats. Dig in the dirt as we explore compost and gardening.

Week 3: June 21st-26th

Are you "Longing to Be Heard?" We all are! This week we'll dive into the story of Jonah. God heard Jonah but also continued to challenge him. The same is true for us! We'll make Foil Dinners and natural wind chimes, get Wet 'n Wild, learn about sharing the Good News, do a mad lib, and connect via Zoom!

Week 4: June 28th-July 3rd

This week we're exploring Solomon's "Longing for Guidance" and how we can seek wisdom too. We'll also make maps, pray using a labyrinth (and make one too!), create a squirt gun/bottle cup race, sing silly songs, bake Cool Whip Crinkle Cookies, make Campfire Cones, and so much more!

Week 5: July 5th-10th

Camp is a place that many people come when they are "Longing for Renewal." This week, you can experience that renewal at home with daily Morning Watch, Bible, Prayer Practices, and Vespers. Plus, enjoy community building games, wet 'n wild activities, story time, nature, crafts, graces, and silly songs!

Week 6: July 12th-17th

This week we'll explore our "Longing for Change" be inspired to change the world and help bring about God's justice and peace! Hear true stories of change at Morning Watch, Bible, Storytime, Vespers, and the Service Project. Learn about nature, play games, do crafts, make food, and get wet!

Week 7: July 19th-24th

Longing to Celebrate